About us

Our businesses are diversified across a wide spectrum of regions, industries and asset classes, giving us the expertise, access to resources and critical mass to take advantage of investment opportunities on a global scale.

Guilherme Gomes and Paulo Albuquerque have been investing together since 2001. They are the founders of Consfly group and being part of the investment committee. Guilherme chairs the committee, he is a specialist in the management and development of large real state projects and Paulo leads the companies. For you, they accept the challenge.


Why Invest

Consfly is a property development company that invests in rental, residential and healthcare property in Europe and South America.

Investment Model

An investment model that combines the advantages of family structures with the advantages of business structures, optimizing the risk of both systems


It was always the Founding Partners' idea to combine family and business structural principles in a unique and ideal way.

Unique Oportunity

Consfly wants to give its select circle of partners the opportunity to participate in the business.

Goal Oriented

Our goal is to achieve a 15% minimum return per year on investment (ROI) for our partners